Real life stories

Read about young people who have lived at YMCA West London.


“The best thing I’ve learned here is how to communi­cate with people” No idea how I was going to survive “When I was 17 my mum kicked me out – we hadn’t been getting on. I stayed with my grandparents temporarily, but I had no idea how I was going to survive beyond that.Then the civic …

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“No matter what I’d done, my youth worker would always ask me how I was” Sixteen and alone in London When I was 13, I moved to Manchester with my mum. Then we had problems and eventually our relationship just collapsed. At 16, I came back to London on my own, and a relative took …

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“Without my support worker and YMCA staff, I wouldn’t be where I am now” I had nowhere to go and no plans I grew up in Somalia and lost my parents when I was small. The only family I have left is an aunt, who I was staying with until our relationship reached breaking point …

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