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Our prices

We run both pay-as-you-go classes and term-long courses.

All courses are charged for a full term and the cost of each course changes depending on the length of that term. Our classes can be paid for one-at-a-time or you can purchase a book of 10 classes for the price of 8. (Please note that If you have more than one child you can share a book of 10 with both of them, just get in touch with one of the Y Active team who can set this up for you!).

Remember, if you have purchased a book of classes you still need to book into every class you wish to attend. You can do this one at a time or book multiple (recurring) classes.

CHILDREN’S CLASSES Pay As You Go £5.00 or buy a book of 10 classes for £40.00.

ADULT CLASSES Pay As You Go £6 or buy a book of 10 classes for £48.00.


CHILDREN’S COURSES A full term’s booking

Classes with a structured course which build on skills from week to week.


4-5 year olds £66.50

5-6 year olds £66.50

7+ year olds £80.50

10+ year olds £80.50


Pre-primary (4+) £70.00

Primary (5-6+) £73.50

Grade 1 (7+) £77.00

Grade 2 (8+) £84.00


5-7 year olds £80.50

8 + year olds £94.50

Gymnastics Advanced £94.50

Please note we are unable to take any payment for classes or course at any of our venues: all classes and courses must be paid for online or through our free App.